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Thursday October 28, 2021

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BizNet Telecom LLC, USavePhone.com and Commission River bring you the best values for the lowest price...

Standard Long Distance Telephone Services Our services with State-to-State rates as low as 2.5/minute and no monthly fees will help you save money without giving up the quality you expect and deserve.

Local and Long Distance Bundled Get your local and long distance in a bundle with one low monthly payment and many features included at no additional cost!

Cellular/Wireless Services Enjoy the mobility with a major brand cellular/PCS and paging providers offered at discount price

Dial-around Services If you for any reason don't want to switch your existing long distance service, we have an excellent alternative! Enjoy the low rates and keep your existing provider...

Calling Cards You don't need to be away from home to need a calling card if it will help you save money. With a variety of choices you can select a prepaid, or monthly billed card.

Broadband Phone/VoIP Services Save up 90% over your standard phone bill by making phone calls using a high speed Internet connection from anywhere in the World

Satellite TV Get the latest special promotions on satellite TV through the largest authorized Dish Networks distributor in US.

Residential and Business DSL The highest quality Broadband experience!

Advanced Residential Best Rate Calculator Let us help you find the best long distance rates in your area!

Featured Product
8x8 Broadband Phone Services

The featured product today is 8x8 Broadband Phone Services, an Internet based telephone service. If you have a good, high speed Internet connection such as DSL or a cable Modem, you can take advantage of the 8x8 Broadband Phone Services. Your local phone and long distance calling costs can be cut dramatically.

8x8 Broadband Phone Services also has a videophone service available. For less than $20 per month, you can make unlimited video and telephone calls to anyone on the US, Canada and other 8x8 subscribers worldwide.

This could be an ideal service for students away from home. If your student has access to a high speed Internet connection in his or her dorm room, they are set. A very inexpensive way for them to call home. Get a phone number assigned that would be a local call for you and you can call your student toll free.

If you have a student going away to school, this is the telephone service for you!

8x8 Broadband Phone Services, check it out!

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AccuConference Conference Calling

Voip broadband home phone service.  Annual prepay, get 2nd year free--average of $8.33 per month.  Great features.

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Toll free 800 service you can redirect instantly to ring at your home, office, fax machine or cell phone.

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